TAD Bowl Feeder has more than 35 years experience of making feeding systems

The company TAD is a specialist in parts feeding systems (bowl feeders, rotary feeders, centrifugal feeders and step feeders). TAD Bowl Feeder provide the most important customers in Europe in several sectors: pharmaceutical, automotive, cosmetic, agribusiness, electromechanical).

We have five workshops and two design offices to be more reactive and closer with to customers. Consequently, we have a strong capacity of production and we are able to deliver feeding systems for a complete production line.

The goal of TAD is to provide the best product to improve the production efficiency of these costumers. For that, all the TAD Bowl Feeders team works together to advise you and deliver at the right time.

TAD Bowl Feeder French production unit

French production unit

TAD Bowl Feeder Spanish production unit

Spanish production unit

The locations of TAD Bowl Feeder

As TAD is a European feeding system company, we have several implantations in Europe but also worldwide:

  • TAD Bowl Feeder (UK)
  • TAD Bols Vibrants (France)
  • TAD Schwingförderer (Germany)
  • TAD Poland (Poland)
  • TAD Vibratory Technology (Spain)
  • TAD Portugal (Portugal)
  • TAD Brazil (Brazil)
  • TAD Argentina (Argentina)
TAD Bowl Feeder locations in the world
Our website www.tadbowlfeeder.co.uk will become soon PULSA Bowl Feeder

We are happy to inform you our website www.tadbowlfeeder.co.uk will change soon for PULSA Bowl Feeder. 

We still producing feeding systems (Bowl Feeders, Blade Elevators, separation devices...) for the Industry in Europe.